How to set up PCS Click-To-Dial

To use the PCS Click-To-Dial browser plugin, you must be using PCS VoIP phone service.

This feature is available to existing PCS customers as an add-on, or can be configured when establishing a new account.

To get Click-To-Dial from PCS VoIP, call 844-PCS-VoIP (844-727-8647) or email


Part One: enabling the application for users

After the Click-To-Dial feature is added to an account, an administrative user must access the PCS account management portal to permit other users to install the browser plugin.


1. While logged into your PCS VoIP account as an administrator, click on the Settings tab in the menu bar.


2. After navigating to the Settings page, click on Users in the left sidebar menu. 


  1. Existing users on your account will now have a new section in their user profile, titled Applications, with a Yes/No option to enable ClickConnex Browser Plugin.

  2. When creating new users on your account , you will now have a new section in the user profile, titled Applications, with a Yes/No option to enable ClickConnex Browser Plugin.

(Note: Only administrator level users are able to see this option when editing a standard user. Standard users may not enable Applications.)


Part Two: installing the browser extension

1. When the user logs into his/her portal, the Home screen will now display the icon for the Click-To-Dial browser plug-in.



2. Click the button for the Browser Plug-in. The App Detail screen displays. For your supported browser of choice, click the Download Plug-in button. You will be redirected toward the browser’s page for plug-ins, add-ons, etc.



3. Click on the button to Add the extension to your browser.



4. After the download is complete, the plug-in will appear as a button with a blue telephone handset and keypad, next to the address bar. Users will enter the same login credentials they use when accessing the PCS VoIP account portal.



5. After successfully logging in, clicking on the button displays the name of the user, their extension, the status of that extension, and an On/Off toggle. Click-To-Dial functionality can be temporarily disabled without having to logout of the application.



6. When Click-To-Dial functionality is turned On, users hover their mouse pointer over any telephone number in the browser. The pointer will change to a finger, and clicking on the telephone number displays a pop-up box with the telephone number selected and a Call button. Clicking on the Call button will initiate a new telephone call from the PCS VoIP telephone extension of the user currently logged in.






7. The Click-To-Dial browser plug-in will recognize telephone numbers from any source. Calls can be made by clicking a phone number on a website, or directly from the results of a Google search.



To see the Click-To-Dial browser plug-in demonstrated, please visit PCS VoIP’s YouTube channel: PCS VoIP and look for the PCS Click-To-Dial video.

For questions or assistance with the PCS Click-To-Dial browser plug-in, contact PCS VoIP by calling 844- PCS-VoIP (844-727-8647) or emailing


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