What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, and Internet telephony) refers to technology that enables routing of voice conversations over the Internet or a computer network. To place calls via VoIP, a user will need a high-speed Internet connection and an IP phone. Phone calls can be made to both VoIP numbers as well as people with traditional phone numbers.

Voice over IP (VoIP) can offer features and deliver services that might be cumbersome or costly to implement when using traditional public-switched telephone network (PSTN). One advantage is that more than one phone call can be transmitted over one Internet connection and additional lines can be added easily. Finally, features that are usually offered at an extra charge by traditional telecommunication companies, such as call forwarding, caller ID or automatic redialing, are simple and very cost-effective with VoIP technology.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

A high-speed Internet connection is required. This can be through a cable modem, high speed services such as DSL, or dedicated Internet services. Also, a special VoIP phone is required known as an IP phone.

What are the differences between analog and IP phones?

Analog telephones communicate with one another over traditional copper wires while IP phones transfer information via the Internet. Utilizing a digital signal vs. an analog signal to transmit the call means the call is disassembled at the origination point and converted into packets. Those packets are then reassembled at the destination point of the call and delivered to the recipient in the form of the caller's crisp, clear voice. A call over an IP phone can bypass the traditional PSTN, hence, reducing costs.

Why should I choose PCS VoIP phone service?

The PCS VoIP solution has a history of reducing the overall telecommunication cost and improving the professional appearance of organizations of all sizes. Many business VoIP features are included or available as premium features including Auto Attendant, Dial-by-Name Directory, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Ring Groups, Call Center and Call Queuing. These features enhance the customer service experience with a small business, enabling the business to be much more streamlined, professional and efficient.

Will my existing phone service be interrupted during the set-up of PCS VoIP?

No. PCS understands that your phones are the lifeblood of your business, so we take every precaution possible to ensure porting from your current provider to PCS is a seamless transition.

Can I switch my current telephone number to PCS?

Yes. Porting your number to PCS may take 10-14 business days, but it will be completed without any service interruptions. PCS can also port-in your existing toll-free number.

Can I choose my own vanity number?

Yes, if available. For a one-time additional charge, PCS will search hundreds of telephone number resources for the number you want, and, if it is available, it can be assigned to you.

Do I “own” my number? Can I keep my toll free number if I choose to cancel?

Yes. You can take any phone number with you to a new provider.

What is an Auto Attendant?

Auto Attendant is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The Auto Attendant is also sometimes called a digital receptionist.

For callers on a PCS phone system, a Dial-By-Name Directory is available. This feature allows the caller to search for a desired extension, either by first or last name, then press a key to automatically ring the extension once announced by the Auto Attendant. If the extension is not available, the Auto Attendant can direct the caller to the appropriate voice mailbox to leave a voicemail message.

Having an Auto Attendant feature is very useful and cost-effective, as it either helps or replaces the human operator by automating and simplifying the incoming phone calls procedure.

Do you have Ring Groups / Call Groups / Virtual Departments?

Yes. We have a Ring Group feature that rings multiple extensions simultaneously or sequentially, and can be configured at any time through the PCS customer account management portal.

Can I forward calls to my mobile device?

Yes. PCS VoIP service will allow you to forward calls to your mobile device or any other phone number. This can be accessed and changed by logging into your PCS account management portal anywhere you have Internet access.

Can I have customized recorded greetings?

Yes. You can record any greeting and upload it to your account as a .wav or .mp3 file at any time.

Does PCS offer conferencing options?

Yes. Every extension comes with 3-way calling included, and many of our phones have the capability to conference additional callers. A conference bridge for up to 30 callers is available as a premium add-on feature.

Does PCS support 911 emergency services?

Yes, PCS is fully compliant with all 911 emergency service regulations.

How much technical skill is required to set-up and use the service?

Virtually none. The IP phones are plug-and-play and will arrive ready to make and receive calls the instant they’re plugged in to an active high-speed internet connection, right out of the box. If you have any questions during setup, you can always reach out to the PCS support team by e-mailing support@pcsusa.com or calling 913-981-1100.

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