Pegasi - what happens when I receive an incoming call?

Because the Pegasi application functions as a SIP softphone, your mobile device's native dialer will always take priority. This means that an incoming call to your mobile number will overrule a call in progress on Pegasi.

However, you can define what happens to the Pegasi call when this happens. See the steps below to learn about the settings options available.




Step 1

Tap on Settings.                          




Step 2

In the Settings menu, tap on Preferences.     




Step 3

In Preferences menu, tap on Controls.          




Step 4

In the Controls menu, tap On GSM Call.      




Step 5

There are three options for how a call in progress on Pegasi will be treated when you receive an incoming call to your mobile phone.

  • Do Nothing-  If you select Do Nothing, the Pegasi call will be disconnected when you receive an incoming call to your mobile phone's number. Essentially, Pegasi will hang up on the call in progress.


  • Put Call on Hold- If you select Put Call on Hold, the other party of a Pegasi call will be placed on hold and hear the hold music in use on your PCS VoIP account (if you have custom hold music enabled, it will be used). You may answer or decline the incoming call, and when you are finished, you will be returned to the Pegasi call on hold.




  • Play Message- If you select Play Message, the other party of a Pegasi call will hear a recorded announcement played in a loop. If you decline the incoming call, Pegasi will automatically resume the call in progress. If you answer the incoming call to your mobile phone number, when you end that call, the Pegasi call will automatically be resumed. (If you select Play Message, you do not take the Pegasi call "off hold". It is automatically resumed.)


  • When you select Play Message, there are three new options displayed:
      • Play Current Message - selecting this option will play the currently configured message. If you have not previously recorded a message, the default message will be played. What you hear when you play the current message is what the other party of your Pegasi call would hear if you received a call to your mobile number.


      • Record New Message - selecting this option will allow you to record a custom message. When you tap Record New Message, recording starts immediately, a red timer will display and the button changes to Stop Recording. When you tap on Stop Recording, your message is saved automatically and will be used unless you either record a new message or tap Use Default Message to reset.

      • Use Default Message - selecting this options will enable the system default message will play. 
        • The system default message is: [long beep tone] "I apologize, our call has been interrupted by an incoming GSM call. I will return shortly, or call you back. Thank you."



If you have further questions about configuring your Pegasi application settings, click the link below to create a new support request.


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