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 We’re writing to reach out with helpful information and resources. As we all navigate the personal and business implications of COVID-19, continuing to meet your unique needs in these uncertain times is of the utmost importance to us.

 The spread of COVID-19 is having a broad impact on people across the country including their ability to work and manage daily activities. 

 Public policies, procedures, and personal choice will significantly change the way we live and interact for the coming weeks and possibly longer. PCS VoIP is committed to continue providing the same level of service to our clients, regardless of COVID-19 implications. 

 To support this, PCS VoIP has implemented internal policies to minimize the possible spread of the virus while also maintaining normal business operations and keeping our staff fully available to you.  

While we are temporarily halting all non-critical meetings and travel both in and outside of our offices, you should continue to contact our team as you have in the past. In summary, we are open for business and are fully available to you in the same way we were prior to the heightening impact of COVID-19.


We understand many of you are or will be adjusting the way you do business including working from home, possible mandatory shutdowns and more. 

We want to make you aware of the ways you can utilize PCS VoIP hosted features to help minimize any potential difficulties of voluntary or government-mandated modifications to business operations.

  •  You will likely be receiving more calls asking if your business is open. Using Auto Attendant and voicemail features will help provide your customers with consistent answers to common questions, while managing your increased call volume.
  •  You may have some or all of your staff working from home. The PCS VoIP UC Client and mobile application provide productive and efficient solutions for remote workers.
    •  UC Client enables you to make and take calls, manage voicemail, chat and conduct video calls from anywhere they have a desktop computer, laptop or tablet connected to the internet and running Chrome. This is an ideal solution for the many work from home scenarios individuals are facing today. The mobile application provides some of these same capabilities on your mobile phone, with the added flexibility to answer and make calls on the go, without ever revealing your personal phone number to your customers.
  •  You may need to change or reduce your hours of operation, and perhaps you want to route incoming calls to a remote worker outside of your business hours, so that your customers can still reach a real person. PCS VoIP time frames and other call routing solutions can streamline this process for you.


If you have questions or need assistance configuring any of the above features on your PCS VoIP account, please contact PCS VoIP support by calling 844-PCS-VOIP (844-727-8647) or contact us online at support.pcsvoip.com or via email to support@pcsusa.com


If you are not currently using PCS VoIP for your business communication and you’d like to get access to these features, please contact PCS VoIP sales by calling 844-PCS-VOIP (844-727-8647) or send an email to sales@pcsusa.com


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